Free to use and download the most popular automatic school bell.

Available on Cnet and Softpedia

Amazing Features

Jabat Automatic School Bell is equipped with features that are needed for your school

Schedule Unlimited

You can add as many schedules as you want on a Jabat Automatic School Bell.


It is useful as an emergency bell and to notify notifications student.

Category Schedule

With this feature, you can split between Regular and exam schedules or the other.

Automatic Backup

Allows you to back up your database and restored at a later date.

Sound Recorder

You can record your voice directly from the application that we have provided.

Auto Shutdown

If you often forget to turn off the computer, use this feature to automatically shutdown computer.

Why us the best app

Some features we are not owned by the school bell other automated, that makes our product is the best application for the school bell automatically. In addition, Jabat Automatic School Bell also given for free. So that can be used in which school and anytime.

  • Protect data with password
  • Realtime and accurate time
  • We will keep the data confidentiality your school
  • More features and easy to use.

We are different

In contrast to the other applications. Jabat Automatic School Bell can be installed on the computer that have a specification of a low, because Jabat Automatic School Bell not use too much RAM your computer. So, Jabat Automatic School Bell can be used on the computer that have a 512 MB RAM and above. In addition, Jabat Automatic School Bell will also Run automatically when the start the system and will be hiding on taskbar tray your computer. There is also feature Auto Shutdown, which allows for computer shutdown automatically in accordance with the time has been set.


For ease of use Jabat Automatic School Bell, We made a short demo video that will make you interested in using Jabat Automatic School Bell.

For more clearly, please direct see video as wel as follows. And we hope you helped with this video.


List of screenshot

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